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Playing Doom 3 using headphones, anyone?

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Hi guys, can't believe this is my first thread... Doom 3 has proven itself to be one of my favorite Dooms along all classic Doom games and Doom'16. I feel really frightened when I play it using headphones and hearing those screams coming from hell in Communications Transfer level (PRC-Support Area 1 level) and I'm listening to them right now, so my question is, does anyone also play Doom 3 using headphones, or am I the only or the last one here????

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I've done it. Just remember to turn down the volume, and I mean WAAAAAY down, when you get to Delta Labs, as they forgot to make several sounds in that area obey the game's volume settings and they will play at full blast pretty much no matter what you do. Most of these are the Betruger laughs and the noises made by the portals as they pass you through Hell. I seem to remember a couple of instances after Delta as well, possibly in the underground areas.

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