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DOS Game Club podcast #1 - Doom

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So @dosnostalgic on Twitter tweeted about a recently started monthly DOS games podcast, where the first episode is something people here might find relevant:



The episode is at https://www.dosgameclub.com/episode-1-doom/. I haven't listened to it yet so I will probably reply to this thread with all my nitpicks about it.

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My nitpick / "how does everyone else not know what I know" list:

  • They aren't sure what year Ultimate Doom came out and they're not sure if the levels in Episode 4 were newly made or if they had just been lying around
  • They aren't sure if players being able to make PWADs were intentional
  • "Does Doom 2 use a different engine?" "It runs a higher resolution I think"
  • Wolf3D had a text scroll at the beginning with the plot backstory, I guess?
  • One guy didn't realize you could save your game and thought you had to beat a whole Doom episode in one sitting
  • Re: Nightmare: "I didn't notice respawning, but I did notice new monsters teleporting in"
  • "I never knew that Doom had a multiplayer function"
  • Chocolate Doom shoutout!
  • They didn't notice the frag counter on the status bar in multiplayer

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This is painful! A lot of effort went in to making a dos-y webpage but the actual podcast is just a couple of confused guys babbling. Only 10 minutes in and the phrase "I don't know/remember" has cropped up about 50 times

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