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Open Coop & Last Man Standing Coop 4.0 Addons

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I'm making some addons for Open Coop and LMS4.0, since I'm going to make many addons I decided to put them all in this single topic, here we go.

- Suit-Flashlight addon: [OpenCoop 2.0 & LMS4.0]



Hello, I have started to make some addons for LMS4.0 (Last man Standing Coop Mod for Doom 3), and the first mod that came to my mind was the Flashlight suit (like ROE), so here it is. An addon when you have a flashlight in your suit compatible with LMS4.0 so you can play it with your friends.


How to use

Flashlight is ON by default, if you want to turn it off/on you must press ZOOM BUTTON two times (in my case Z two times)

Version 0.1
Link (for LMS4.0): http://www.mediafire.com/file/sxcbp3xx7jqo384/lms4flashlight.pk4

Link (for OpenCoop 2.0 alpha): http://www.mediafire.com/file/i37r0i4av0kpz3q/oc_pakflashlight.pk4

How to install

Just put the lms4flashlight.pk3 file inside the lms4 folder you have (You and your friend must have this file to play). The same goes for the oc_pakflashlight.pk4, put it inside the opencoop folder.


- Survival Addon: [LMS4.0]




I always wanted to play some survival matchs in LMS4.0 (I mean, limited lives, not infinite lives), So I tried to make a little addon to play it with lives (by now you have 3 lives, if you want to change that ammount you must edit the file a_player.script inside lms4survival.pk4, and change the value of PLAYER_MAXLIVES, Remember that if you change that, you must have to send the modified file to your friend too in order to play).

This addon also includes the suit-flashlight addon, so you don't have to download it.

Version 0.1
Link (for LMS4.0): http://www.mediafire.com/file/75p3g8rr5bincc4/lms4survival.pk4




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