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Egg Boy

Songs that Sample Doom

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Hi! I was listening to some music while mapping today when I came across this:

So that got me thinking...

What other songs sample Doom? Whether it be Doom's sound effects or the tunes themselves.

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8 minutes ago, Lo_Mein said:

M Y  E A R S



For serious note, this musician uses Doom samples in some places I mean.


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I was surprised no-one posted this yet, but then I remembered it's no longer the 90s.



Skip to 1.20 for the first instance.

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^that's definitely not all of them though, only the most popular examples. i remember a terrorcore song that samples one of the PSX Doom songs, possibly Lamentation, but i don't remember what artist or what the song was.


another example i remember is this one. skip to around 0:20 to hear the shotgun firing and cocking sound being sampled.



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Not a sample (though it does sample Darkstalkers, another game) but this song mentions Doom in the lyrics:



I'm on the next level
I got a double barrel shotgun in the Doomworld
Waiting on the next devil
Armor's low-check the arsenal


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