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Front End for Edge

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Just thought I'd stick up a couple of screen shots of my Edge shell/launcher(ESL) which is in final beta stage.

Main screen:

Edge specific options:

Does anyone even care?

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fodders said:

But it is breaking the forum rules on images. Baad boy.

Yoink! What was the limit again?

/me runs to the FAQ to check

Hmmmm, I'm under the 80 Kb limit(both images together don't add up to 90KB) and I'm under the width limit, but I'm just a teeny bit over the height limit(26 pixels).

Please don't make me upload those shots again!! My host takes ages to upload stuff! Pleeeaaasseee!

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Lizardcommando said:

When'll you release it?

Anytime now.

Just waiting to see if the beta test version is working alright( haven't heard any complaints from the beta testers :) ) and then I'll probably upload it.

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