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Doom 2 XBLA Modding

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Now this is gonna be quite a stretch.


I'm interested in running custom wads in the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) port of Doom 2. I've got pretty much every aspect of this down: I've copied the game onto a usb, loaded it up onto my computer, used some modding tools to examine the main game file, extracted doom2.disk from the file, and merged a pwad with the XBLA Doom 2 iwad found in doom2.disk through slade (though for right now, I've only replaced the levels and added the custom textures as a test run). Now the only thing left to do... is put it all back together. All I really need to do find a way to put doom2.disk back into the main game file, but that's the problem: I don't know how. I've downloaded at least 4 different modding tools, but none of them seem to be capable of editing the actual contents of the game file. I've tried modio, horizon 360, usb xtaf gui, wxpirs, and crying myself to sleep, but nothing has worked.


While this is indeed quite inappropriate for doomworld, since my issue has nothing to do with doom besides the fact that doom is what I happen to be modding, I do have a bonus question that is doom related!!


tl;dr: My 2 questions -

Actual question: How do I edit Xbox 360 game files, or more specifically, how do I replace doom2.disk in the Doom 2 XBLA port game file?

Bonus question: Is Alien Vendetta a vanilla, limit-removing, or boom compatible wad? Because that's the wad I'm using and I was under the impression that it was vanilla, but someone told me it requires prboom+ to run but that doesn't sound right, right?

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Alien Vendetta is a vanilla megawad.


Basically your problem is that you can't find a tool to repackage the modified wad into .disk format. But even if you could do that, don't the files need to be signed?

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You cannot do this unless you have a properly modded Xbox 360 (that is: "JTAG" or reset glitch hack, not any DVD-only mod). The PIRS container (which has all the files for the game) must have a valid RSA digital signature unless the operating system on the console is patched to ignore it.


(I did something like this on PS3 with "Doom Classic Complete" to fix the music in No Rest for the Living and also to replace all the pills in health pickup sprites with crosses. This also requires a modified operating system on the console, or "CFW" as they call it. There the WAD files aren't signed or inside a signed container after the game package has been installed, they're just plain WAD files there on the HDD like on PC, but the HDD is encrypted with a random key that is chosen when the disk is formatted so you need to access the files using the console itself, or at least acquire the encryption key somehow, or disable HDD encryption altogether...)


And AV is 100% vanilla compatible, yes. It exceeds the sprite limit in places though which doesn't crash vanilla but will prevent some sprites from being drawn.


EDIT: There are tools out there to browse the Xbox 360 HDD on PC (it uses the FATX file system, also known as "XTAF"), so if you can find the doom2.disk file by itself there somewhere (not inside a signed container like when you copy the game to a USB drive) you might be able to modify it. If it was this easy to modify game datafiles, you'd think game modding on 360 would be more popular though...

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That is tragic. You've just crushed all of my dreams.


Guess I'll go die now. ;~;

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