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ACS: Possible to get TID of activated line?


I'm working on a map where some of the features are randomized, and want to be able to call a generic script when the player activates a line and check the tag of the line.  Is it possible to get the Tag of the line that was activated to execute a script?

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You could have each line send a different number to the script as an argument, and that number could be its tag, or a completely different number that you use to identify the line for the purpose of the script. If the script is already using all 3 arguments, then you might just be out of luck.


By the way, TID stands for Thing ID. You can use 0 as the TID in any action special or function that the script uses, and it will refer to the thing that activated the script.

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That's what I thought might be the case. For what I'm doing giving each line a unique number other than a tag would be impractical. I'm working on a map that has a grid of rooms composed of tessellating sectors, each of them and the lines that compose them tagged (with a tool, not by hand) so that all the features of each room can be set up by scripts on map start (or arbitrarily later), with the intent being to generate a Binding of Isaac style dungeon for the player to navigate that changes each time its played.  I'll probably end up creating some sort of interactive Thing to take the place of switches.


I also just meant Tag when I said TID, I'm still getting used to the terminology.


Thanks for the help, you saved me a fair bit of hair pulling.

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