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Roblox Death Sound DOOM

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I made yet another joke WAD, which is a sound MOD that replaces all sounds (including the secret sound of certain source ports) with the Roblox death sound. I thought of this idea about a day ago when I was  thinking about how so many people have made a meme of it.


Below is a video of gameplay of the sound MOD, as well as links to the MOD.



Go here to get the WAD (the link is on the bottom of the page):
Or go here for the direct link:


Edit: It seems someone beat me to the punch when it comes to a MOD like this:

Edited by NiTROACTiVE

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I think I prefer the one that does the same thing, but with Tim Allen's "Uuuuh?", not that I'd actually play that either.

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My niece keeps on trying to get me to play Roblox


Maybe I should put this on the next time she bothers me about it

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Oh good, I was thinking it would be that earrapey high pitched:




sound they put into those earrapey "meme compilations". That fucking sound alone made me drop the whole meme charade.

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7 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

I see this thing on zdoom forum yesterday!

I found the one MOD you mentioned on ZDoom Forums today, as I edited the main post with the link to it.

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