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TNT Carribean style level set or megawad? Possible project?..

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So.. is there such thing? Ive been playing around Map32 of TNT and paying attention to its detail, textures, and how it plays. I lean more to just using the Aesthetic of the level and applying it in more creative ways. I absolutely love its open end Level design of being able to walk anywhere in the water and really explore the level despite the fact it really leads no where important, its just cool! Now what about a megawad  or small mapset with this kind of aesthetic? Pitting the player in more hazardous and interesting enviorments? Its only an idea, ive infact started working on a small level set based around this aesthetic. Lets talk about it!

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Pretty sure its possible since i always founded that the Textures from TNT Were somewhat special and very distinctive from others specially with those Egyptians type of textures

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