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Yes you can, in vanilla too.

To implement in vanilla, take your skybox, which should have a length of 1024 pixels and height of 128 (IIRC).

1. Chop up the picture into four equal parts, each part should have a length of 256 and height of 128. Height can be changed IIRC.

2. Open up the TEXTURE1 lump (assuming you want to do this in Doom 2) and find the entries for the the skys such as RSKY1.

3. Underneath the entry "RSKY1 256 128" there should be something like "* RSKY1 0 0". Change this to this:

RSKY1 1024 128
* RSKY1A 0 0
* RSKY1B 256 0
* RSKY1C 512 0
* RSKY1D 768 0

Where RSKY1A-D are the four parts of the sky.

4. Include this modified TEXTURE1 lump in an emtpy WAD and the corresponding RSKY1A to RSKY1D lumps.

5. That should do it.

TNT Evilution does this, if you want a clearer example.

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Yes. If youre considering having a sky that has a sun or a moon in it, this is ideal. TNT evilutions second sky has stars and nebulas and it wraps around the entire 360 degree space. It uses 4 256x128 images that are stitched together in the TEXTURE1 lump as a 1024x128 sky.


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In GL mode, you can take that idea further and add up and down to the 4 sides to make a literal sky box.

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