Theory: Betruger is actually the devil all along

On 7/24/2017 at 2:54 PM, hardcore_gamer said:

The Jaunt isn't very similar to Doom honestly except that both involve teleportation. One thing that kinda bothers me about these type of stories is that nobody ever seems to care/notice all of these horrible side effects. Like, when the research staff in Doom 3 discovered that the portal was leading to hell (it's confirmed in the PDAs you discover that they knew this) did nobody care? Why is it that once they discovered what was on the other side that they did not instantly destroy the portals?

It's kind of similar. Both involve teleportation, both involve Mars, both involve man peering into the gulf of the unknown, man paying the price. 

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Good theory but I'm with Voros on this one.


I do think he was given power to summon and control Demons as a general or special agent of Hell to ensure the Gate is open for an invasion. I believe he is similar to Olivier Pierce in this regards, promised power and screwed with their mental state.


Compare these people to other fictional universes where the bad figurehead or diluted cultists serve evil but are merely peons and likely to suffer the same fate as the masses. They think they are special and part of the greater power.

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