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so i was using a doom editor called slade and i exported some graphics to PNG to edit in photo shop after i was done i imported them back into slade and tried out my WAD file and it didn't show up it was invisible now i don't know what to do at this point i just need some help with this like if you know any way of turning the PNG back to a doom graphic that would be great and yes i have tried to optimize the PNG but that just cause a error and the version of slade is (i think) so yeah thats all i got to say please help me out so i can replace spritesĀ 

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Check the offsets of the graphics. Newly imported graphics will have offsets at 0, 0. They need to be level with the ground, move the sprite up and to the left and then save. Click away, click back and you'll see a black horizontal line in the middle, that is ground level. Move them to the center and above this line.

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Are you saying it's a WAD file with unconverted PNG sprites? Be sure to reconvert it.

Or use the PK3 format and keep the file as PNG.

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