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The Doommer

Doom II MAP30 Boss Voice Question

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Hi , the Final Boss of Doom II has a sound that if we reverse it it says that "To finish the game you must kill me, John Romero" 


But how is this possible when the sound itself starts with the word 'I' ?!


Can anyone explain this ? 



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3 minutes ago, GarrettChan said:

The reversed sound is not the sentence reading backwards since sounds are waves.

Yeah you're right I forgot this fact but what is reversing a sound then ?

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28 minutes ago, The Doommer said:

or at least a way to reverse it

If you need something like this done in the future, TwistedWave has an online version. I myself recommend grabbing Audacity, the only waveform editor I've ever needed in over 10 years.


They didn't just reverse the sound clip, of course: there's some echoing that creates additional noise. It's hard to guess what a deconvolution sounds like until you actually do it.

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20 hours ago, Spectra said:

Here it is.


I Just saw this. Thanks.


But still is there any refrence for reversing a sound definision ? I got this on google but it seems to be not the one I'm searching for...


Right ?

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The thing about sounds in reverse is that you can hear literally anything in them. This is how those religious nuts convince people that some songs backwards have satanic messages in them.

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