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Killing Floor for FREE

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this is really a good throwback when I was homeless and slept at local cybercafe. gotta grab it

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I haven't put much game time in KF2; about half my supposed game time is spent in half-hour chunks spectating games. I do that because there is a 24-hour cooldown between receiving cosmetics and I need at least 15-30 minutes of it with KF2 on (be it spectating in games, idling in the menu or actually playing it solo or coop). This Summer Sideshow event going on reduces the cooldown to 4 hours, so it's a bunch more hours added on with really nothing to show for it except maybe a virtual cosmetic item.

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yeh but it has limeted uses...

:Edit: The full game is yours to keep but you get two guest cards so that your friends who don't have the game can play with you for a limited time.

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