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GZDoom Dynamic shadows

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I Know they were in QZDoom a few months later but when will it release on GZDoom?




After looking at the options i finally found it


here's a video on how it looks



Edited by Maisth

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Nevermind i found them they are just lowered thats because its not the same effect as in the video still cool though

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How do you turn them on again? Is it just an option in the menu, or is there a further command you need?

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There's an option "enable shadowmaps" in the dynamic lights menu. But be aware that they can be quite performance hungry if there's lots of lights

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Is this just a limitation of the shadowmaps?  The green light source is about 96-120 units below that step, and the step does not touch the wall.

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The shadowmaps are one-dimensional only, otherwise they'd just be too resource hungry to manage. So all they clip are one-sided walls.



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