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[SOLVED]Stuff like jump, crouch, and freelook won't enable in ZDOOM

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Basically when I enable the settings like freelook, crouch, and jump to "YES" it sitll won't let me look up or down. Basically one of many features a source-port can give someone. Any help with this?


I'd also ask to know how to load stuff like DOOM Data Files (The file type it tells me it's a "Doom data file") into stuff like pk3's. Wanna play this Caco-Invasion mod I've found but I keep getting missing textures because of missing flats.

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There should be a slider for freelook sensitivity, adjust that too.

As for jump and crouch, it should work.

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It may be possible that the wad you're playing has used a MAPINFO lump to disable jump and freelook. Have you tested in standard Doom II? 

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