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Wish to create a custom attack


I wish to create a weapon that fires a custom beam that pierces through all actors AND can be used with autoaim. And wish to write it solely in DECORATE.

A_RailAttack won't do as I require using custom sprites and autoaim compatibility.

All that really matters is that it pierces through actors and can be used with autoaim.

Any good solutions?

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With no side effects, A_RailAttack is the only thing the engine have to produce an instant hit beam.

Your best solution then, is some FastProjectile but the beam will have some delay to travel long distances.

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I have no problem with delay. In fact, right now I have a projectile with a speed of 150, though I should probably use FastProjectile for this.

Even so, a way to make projectiles pierce through actors would be nice.

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