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MTF Sergeant

Any DOOM editors for android?

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First of all, sorry for bothering you guys with my 'is anything there for android' questions, but I don't have any other choice as my old laptop is shit and at the moment, I am using my Kindle.(I'm waiting for a new phone).


So, question is, are there any map editors for android? I use D - Touch, but I don't know to add maps to it.( sorry for language issues. You see, I have never learnt to make a map).

So, if there are any editors, can you guys suggest some for me?

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I feel your pain. The best you can hope for is DosBox with an old map editor like DETH. Unless you can use an external keyboard and mouse, it'll be a PITA. Believe me, it is a PITA.

Although for managing WADs and all that, Deutex is nice, but you can't make maps with it. You can build/decompile WAD files with it though, as long as you have the necessary files for the WAD.

Use your laptop instead.

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