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Doomworld Meme Contest 2017

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[Message For The Mods: I don't know if I'm allowed to host this event, so it's up to you to delete this thread if something goes too wrong. I'm not here for bad you know.]


Welcome to the Doomworld Meme Contest 2017, where we create funny memes about Doomworld stuff, like the logo:




And who knows, the "drag files" message:




Just set springs on your creativity! Show what you can! Because you are going to compete with other memers!


Status: Looking for Judges



  1. [empty]
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  3. [empty]


Hope you enjoy the fun! Meme Man off.

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Yeah. I didn't notice that (I don't think the FAQ had some entry on les meemes before) so I guess it's up to the moderators?

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The best memes are the ones that aren't made on purpose. Therefore, this thread automatically fails step one.

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