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Need help with DOOM RPG on Android

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I managed to run DOOM RPG on Android (phone model: Samsung Galaxy A5). I did it by converting the .JAR into .APK via Netmite's web tool and then running the said .APK with Netmite's J2ME emulator. The interface got successfully converted from keypad to touch except ONE element - some computers require security codes, which have to be typed in with a keypad and I do not know how to invoke the keypad. Is it even possible? Has anyone here tried running DOOM RPG on an Android device? How did it go for you?

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Yet another Doom RPG on Android thread.


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Yup, another thread :). I did my searching and found no answer to my question. One of the found threads was the one I started myself a while ago, but the conversation went in a bit different direction.


From what I found, community members have decided to convert the RPG games to PC using the GZDoom source port and it sounds great! Still, I'd like to play the game on my phone. Thanks for providing the link, I will check it out (I hope it's not against the forum rules or something).

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