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[Release] Doom Reinforced Mapset

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Hey, I remember that mapset, but I didn't know that you made it. Sadly, you didn't include music in maps or made music pack compatible. I'll give a run again today.

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@Tango, @grouchbag, @MFG38 Many Thankies!


@MysteriousHaruko i didn't include the musics in these because most maps used ACS to play them in certain moments and then return to the pure ambient sounds the maps have since some of them are creepy in certain rooms and corridors.


@Walter confetti Because back in 2006, TNT Evilution was my fave iwad due to the techbases having nice visuals for me, certain MIDIs which i loved as well using Supernova 1987a as sky.

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I remember playing this when you had released it on the ZDoom forums and I still love it to this day. I love your mapping style and anything you release has been a real treat in my eyes. :D


Keep pumping out quality work, my man. <3

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