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Boom: Multi-Level Walkway Help


Map 16 of 1024 Claustrophobia is one of my all-time favorite Doom maps, a kind of map I aspire to.


There's this little quirk about the map: some kind of multi-level sectors. 59507f392c7c7_Screenshot(41).png.7d826cda425572a5520088a9a9eb6d20.png



From what I can tell, there are sectors within the sectors (somehow) that raise and lower invisible floors dependeing on whether the player is on the bottom floor or top floor, to make sure the walkway works. What puzzles me is how to recreate this effect. I'm stumped.


Can anyone help me?

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It's essentially an insta-moving invisible platform that uses a self referencing sector and some control sectors. This solution even works with vanilla maps. Here is a demo wad for how it works, the linedef actions you need and so on (probably clearer or easier to learn from than a text explanation). For a sector to be self referencing, the sector index number of all the linedefs much be the same on the front and back sides (as in the image below). The control sectors then set the upper and lower positons of the platform (examine the demo wad and pay attention to sector floor and ceiling heights adjacent to the control sector to help understand what is going on).




To do it using Boom action 242 is kinda different to this.


Ok, here's a further demo map for 3d floors using Boom tricks. Yeah it's actually a bit neater and slightly more simple Albertoni, you are right, i just hadn't actually tried it before.

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36 minutes ago, Scotty said:

TBH this solution is the same level of simplicity once you understand the self referencing sector.

I've had quite a few errors with node generation when using self-referencing sectors. Your mileage may vary, of course.


But yes, Royal_Sir, both methods work exactly the same and both require pretty much the same amount of work. Just remember that:

1- Self-referencing sectors cannot touch one-sided walls.

2- They should be squares or rectangles. Even a L shape may glitch.

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