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Any way to trigger monster death events without ACS?

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So, I'm building a wad in Doom Builder 2 with just Doom 2 as my editing configuration. In doing that, it doesn't seem like I can use ACS to trigger monster death events in this mode, so is there any other way to achieve this?


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Aside from the few limited events that are supported by the game originally, no.

The only thing that can be used freely in any map is the KeenDie code pointer in Dehacked which will open a door with tag 666 if all monsters of a certain kind have died.


But that requires altering the monsters, in the map itself there's nothing you can do.


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Yeah with KeenDie it's easy, just put it in the last frame of some monster's death, let's say the Mancubus. Now each time a Mancubus dies, the game checks if it was the last Manc alive in the map, if yes, then if there are sectors tagged 666, they will be opened and stay open, like doors. In maps without sectors tagged 666, nothing happens.


You can also use the BrainDie pointer which wins the map when this monster dies. But it will affect all maps. There is also the BossDeath pointer that depends on the map slot.

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