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Gameplay mods or wads you wish were updated

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One of my favorite gameplay mods for Doom is Particle Fire Enhancer.  I'm not a fan of Brutal Doom or Beautiful Doom because they change too much, and, quite frankly, Brutal Doom makes me queasy, as if I just fell into a pile of freshly mangled human corpses from a great height.  Too gory for my blood but PFE gets it exactly right.  Can make Vanilla Doom and wads that are vanilla-ish seem like modern versions of these classic games with the great gameplay intact.  Unfortunately there are several annoying bugs in Particle Fire Enhancer that I had to mod out using Slade, like torches that sound like you're eating a meatball grinder into a super-sensitive microphone a half inch from your maw, and zombiemen walking around grunting and groaning like they have a portable Orgasmatron in their pants.  The author hasn't updated it since its first release in 2011.


What are some of your favorite mods or wads you wish were updated?

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