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What are the most technically demanding/complex Sunlust levels?

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It went like a lame dog in zdoom on a p2-450 laptop, I couldn't get prboom running so put it on mbf dos - in most places it ran fine in both 320x200 and 640x480.  What levels should I try to really bog it down?

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10 hours ago, Albatross said:

28 and maybe second half of 30.

I get a segmentation violation error when trying to load either of those levels, any idea why?

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13 hours ago, VGA said:

What OS do you have on that laptop?

Millenium.  Old owner had xp on it, ran awfully.  ME plays nice with usb devices, still supports dos stuff and I haven't found much instability with it.  Oh and there's heaps more chance of your stuff having built in drivers than 98 and 95.

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What ports are you using on it? There is a new unofficial mbf for dos on the vogons (dosbox) forum, it has optimisations and bugfixes.

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