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The must Doom music remake wads?

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What are the best remake music wads to use with Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom? I am talking about wads that replace the original MIDIs with high quality modern versions.

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1 hour ago, hardcore_gamer said:

Thanks for the replies.


Oh, and I just came across this fucking thing:



That dude's stuff has gotten better in quality over the years actually. His remastered versions of his songs are worth checking out... though I personally believe his strong suit is his more original content.

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(This is not available as a pwad, but anyway...)


In my opinion, Per Kristian's Doom 1+2 soundtracks are the best ever created. This is the product of an absolute Doom fan and talented musician. He has a feeling for the right instrumentation and makes the result sound as if it couldn't have ever been any other way. Example: Sign of Evil (Per's version is the only one I can name which sounds fantastic even without using choir - his inserted strings are spot on!).


Unfortunately, Per never finished the soundtracks. 7 tracks are missing for Doom 1, 11 for Doom 2. Considering how long it is taking already, I doubt the we'll ever live to see the day this is completed. However, I just don't want to give up on it.

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As mentioned above, IDKFA for Doom.

J-WAR for Doom 2.

Lorcan for TNT: Evilution.

I snagged the latter two as Risen3D music packs from here, but stuck them into a .WAD so I can play with PRBoom+ and G/ZDoom. Works a treat.


I'm currently pining for some decent techno/EDM/dubstep (yes, there is decent dubstep. Quiet.) of Doom 2's soundtrack; the experimental bluesy nature of it translates less to RAWR METAL than the original Doom, and I want to hear nasty synths as I fill Revenants full of buckshot.

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