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Jared also refused to believe that the original Quake wasn't going to have a hammer and a dragon.

he does look a bit like FlatHead :P

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Alas, the sideburns are no more. I am in the progress of growing a beard now, which kind of makes me look like Tim Willits (except I'm twice as tall, I have a full head of hair and I can design levels). See ?

Err anyway I guess Gamespy does make a point. There's a few Doom III denial people on this forum, and sometimes I am one of them.

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Disorder said:

Where the hell did you get that AK47?
Nice :)

Screw the gun, where did he get that cool Simpsons poster!?

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S|aVe.3rN. said:

narharhhar @ the ak47 airsoft, mmm M4A1 RIS owns! lol , airsoft is a shitloda fun , 747imports.com - awsome airsoft site =P

Heh, I thought it was only a stereotype. SA speaks the truth afterall.

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