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Promote your projects @ Realm667

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Finally you can promote your projects at the Realm667 on your own. How?
Simply use our form at http://realm667.com/index.php/en/home/submit-news
(can also be found throuh the top menu "News > Submit News")

This is meant as a way to add more functionality and activity to the front page of the Realm667 and to make it easier for modders to submit news. We are looking forward to your interactive exchange with the community :)

Best regards,
Torm & Team

Edited by Tormentor667

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Yeah. You should that use link inserter thing in the WYSIWYG editor for URLs.

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The link in his post works if you copy it into your address bar, although in order to access the content there you need to have an account on the R667 forums and be logged in.

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Uh also. I apparently can never press backspace while writing a post there because it just takes me to the previous page, as if I hit the back button in my browser. I lose the post I'm working on every time. This becomes frustrating like you wouldn't believe.


What the fuck?


EDIT: Article finally submitted. That only took me three attempts.

Edited by Jimmy

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