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Good Heretic Wads

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I just finished making a Heretic gameplay mod called Karnak, and now I'm curious: what Heretic map sets do you guys and dolls recommend?


I only have a small handful on my hard drive, the best among them "Dark Deity's Bastion" and "Call of the Apostate". I'd love more level sets of that quality.

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Templum Dormiens Dei (which I think is by the same author as both the wads you listed, or at least one of them)


The best full episodes are Elf Gets Pissed, Curse of D'Sparil, Hymn, and Realm of Parthoris.


There's also a full 3-episode megawad called Masters of Chaos that's pretty fun, though not as polished as some of the others. It has lots of new monsters and stuff, so probably not a good fit for your gameplay mod.

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I played once a good wad called "The History of Fruit" it's a replacement of the first ep of heretic, pretty good layout and fun gameplay.

available on idgames.

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