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Problem with custom textures

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I have a folder full of images/textures. In Doom builder 2 when I click add resource and chose the load from directory option the textures can be used in the map. When I want to play the map, if I drag the wad file containing the map as well as the texture folder and drop it unto the .exe it works. However since having to use 2 files is more annoying than 1 I turned the wad in addition to the texture folder into a pk3, but now for some reason the textures won't show up in game.


What am I doing wrong?

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TEXTURE1/2 or PNAMES lump conflicts/missing?

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What are the folders in the pk3? Maps should obviously go in the "maps" folder in WAD format and flats under "flats"

"textures" can go into 2 different folders: patches and textures. If the texture WAD had the patches in PP_* markers, then patches folder. If not PP_* markers but TX_* markers, then textures folder.

Anyway, this could be easily resolved by letting Deutex do the merging for you, albeit in WAD format instead of PK3. Someone really should update Deutex/integrate it into Slade.

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