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3-class problem with double-jumping


I am working on a project that utilises Hexen's classes.I'm going to be editing the attributes of all three classes but I realise I have hit a problem early in development. One character is meant to replace the Fighter class and the said class is going to have the ability to Double-Jump. I only want that class to jump in mid-air. Is there any way to make the custom Fighter class gain the affects of double-jumping whilst keeping the other two classes at a singular jump.


All advice is helpful!



(PS: Also I accidentally posted a similar question earlier in the wrong forum section... sorry =( )

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56 minutes ago, 38_ViTa_38 said:

It can be something like this in ACS:

if (CheckActorClass(playertid, "FighterPlayer")) {


I tried implementing this but it just doesn't seem to work. Maybe expand the explanation?



No I was just stupid enough to try and implement the code through Slade 3... Went into GZDB and it works wonders! Thanks! =D

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