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Playstation Doom goes NUTS [PSX Doom TC required to run!]

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Hello, Community. A week ago I got bored and I watched PSX Doom: The Lost Levels walkthrough. And I saw a video about secret map "Go 2 it". And I thought: "Hey, it would be interesting how NUTS.wad would look like for PSX Doom...uh, waaaaaaaaaait..."



So here we go. I did a conversion using special PSX Doom mapping rules mentioned here. BUT, of course, I neglected the main rules about monster using (not so many enemies on the screen + limited types of monsters). So that means I just did a PSX-styled remake of NUTS which one can't be run on the actual Playstation 1 console. Still, I've reduced quantity of monsters.


I hope that people (especially B.P.R.D) who like NUTS.wad (1-3) will like my trash addon.


Download PSX Nuts



P.S.: Special thanks to this guy for music.

P.P.S.: Jumps and mouslook allowed (not forbidden)

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