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The Doommer

HOM bug fix solutions


Hi ,  the thread isn't that simple as it looks. I know why HOM occurs and how to fix it , but let's talk about solving it inside the engines. Like replacing the missing texture with a simple texture or a smart AI to guess the missing texture (won't always result well but could be possible with a lot of coding.)


Any Ideas ?


We can even discuss other errors and bugs fix which are not fixed in Doom 1.9 and are possible to be fixed.

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There is no way the engine can correctly guess what is actually HOM or a render trick. Missing textures are the biggest staple of vanilla compatible render hacks.


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Well im not actually sure how you would replace the HOM Effect , BUT I know Doom 64 Does this when there's a Missing Texture and instead of HOM It replaces it with a Texture saying


"I Suck at making Maps"

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