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Walter confetti

The Standard E1 Community Project... lives again! (On idgames!)

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here, i have some fdas lying around: noisy_standard.zip


I like shotgun-vs-shotgun combat quite a lot.  As long as too many pinkies don't get in the way, then I don't think there's any way to mess up KDitD remakes.  For the first two maps here, it was like that.  Though it took turn, stylistically, at riderr3's map3; that one felt more Sandy Petersen like, and the high-tier monsters slowed the pacing down compared to the previous 2 maps.  On that note it was still a great map, but came out of left field.


The only one I didn't finish is Map08, but gave it a couple go's.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, NoisyVelvet said:

The only one I didn't finish is Map08, but gave it a couple go's.

Thanks for the demos! Yeah, map08 can definitely be tricky, especially going in blind with no saves. There should be a casual/walkthrough UV-Max demo included with the wad; if you want to see how I play it.

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The implementation for a sequel is not started but we have already 4 person interested and a map slot claimed, cool!


Btw, I was thinking about these options on mapping progression a sequel:

  • Keep a episodic progression with  9 levels, and after that is finished it being released on idgames for each episode (faster to finish)
  • Made episode 2 and 3 (18 levels) togheter and then release it packed with episode 1 when everything is finished (little slower, but more people will maybe join this). After this, a episode 4 will be on the rail. Yeah, a progression similar to original Doom
  • Going full 27 levels megawad! (even more slower and probably people will be afraid as a grand scale project, i've seen many, MANY times people going for a full megawad community project and then having nothing expect few maps, if the project isn't from a big name or a big saga like mayhem or 32 in 24)

Personally, i'm more inclined for the second option, but i'm also between this and the first option... What for you guys thinks fits better for this CP sequel?


I have also more ideas, but first let's take it down this "dilemma".


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Posted (edited)

Wait, darn typo, was option 1 :P

Option 2 sounds cool too, but i lean towards 1

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