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MTF Sergeant

What all kinds of stupid phrases can you make out of DOOM music titles?

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Just as an example:


"I just went off Into Sandy's City and Sawed off All the Demons there. Then I met Shawn who was waiting for me to take his Shotgun."


How many can you make?

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When it Got Too Tense, Adrian was Asleep In The Dark

The Demons from Adrian's Pen were Runnin From Evil into The Pit, but then Donna Came to the Rescue, Faced the Sinister Spider and sent her Deep into the Code

The Imp's Song echoed around the Dark Halls until I Sawed the Demons because I don't like the DDT Blues (and now the Demon's Dead)

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Into Adrian's Dark Tense Pie

They're Going to Waltz into Adrian's Pen

The Imp's Sinister Kitchen

Shawn's Got the Sandy Blues

The Ultimate Opening to Doom's Gate

Nobody Told Me About Shawn's Sweet Little Dead Spider

Between the Kitchen Levels and Evil Halls

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