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Romero's Heresy II

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I've recently released a new mod i've been working on. Of course i think it's cool but first i'll post a few screenshots and a couple of videos. And the readme.





 This is an universal ZDoom replacer mod for HERETIC: SOTSR to play all Heretic levels with DOOM and HERETIC weapons and monsters. All HERETIC ones have been modified. It's another tribute to John Romero hence the name.

 Of course DOOM and HERETIC are copyrighted by id software and this mod requires HERETIC: SOTSR 1.3.
 Most DOOM sprites are taken from the Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.8 released in 2016, Romero's additional rotations are included.


 - Four player classes: Renegade aka Heretic, Baron of Hell, Dark Elf and Marine. The renegade is the main class and is somesort of marine-mage (can use most weapons in the game).
 - MP friendly weapons with weapon stay in coop. (simple and compatible solution for multiple player classes).
 - New weapons: alpha rifle, beta supershotgun aka supersupershotgun, magnum, doom rod, icy rod, icy crossbow...
 Many weapons have been given an alt fire, just experiment. Beefed up Heretic weapons.
 - New powerups: vampiric chaos device, baron morph ovum (turns monsters into friendly barons and yourself into a baron or makes you stronger if you're already a baron), tome of quad power.
 - New monsters ala Raven style: ghost versions of some Doom monsters. ;) Modified Heretic monsters for a real challenge with some surprises.
 - Higher difficulty with an additional skill level (black plague kills thee).


  Requires a least ZDoom 2.3.1, GZDoom 1.3.17 or Zandronum 2.0 (or higher). Runs with ZDoom LE as well.
  GL mode is strongly recommended mainly to avoid sprite palette conversions.
  IMPORTANT: for Zandronum you need to set switch on pickup to always on weapon setup or else you wouldn't be able to pick up weapons! And don't pick up any weapon present on the maps while you are morphed.
 Raven and id software for HERETIC and DOOM II.
 John Romero for the unreleased stuff and being so cool.
 Revenant100 et al for the Doom 2 Sprite Fixing Project v1.8.
 Vader for the Hell Marquis sprites.
 Gokuma for the Baron and Heretic skins.
 Ravage for some beta supershotgun graphics.
 PSTrooper for the bloodscourge pickup sprite for the Doom Rod.
 Some ammo sprites taken from Complex Doom by Daedalus.
 Other modified graphics from Doom alphas and betas.
 Supersupershotgun and magnum firing sounds from the ZDoom Weapons Resource Wad v2.0.
 Enjay for his support in the old days.
 Have fun! drfrag.


 Some comments:
  Of course runs with the latest GZDoom and Zandronum. I wanted to keep it compatible with old versions, after all this rises from the ashes of my old Heresy project and some stuff dates from 2007. It's like an old mod made today but still has a lot of features. Back in the day there was some discussion about elves vs marines battles and now finally i've made it
 Come on, it's only a 3 MB download.
 Some graphics are a bit rough (unfinished), i don't have the skill to add the green glow to the baron hand.
 To support several player classes and multiplayer i've used fake weapons with a simple ACS script to check for COOP or DM with weapons stay.
 This is very hard or may be i've just played Brutal Doom too much lately, it's clasic Doom gameplay this time guys and no it's not compatible with brutal mods.

 You may use anything you want for your own projects of course, including the decorate "code" and the acs script.
 Player translations are not transferred when morphed, this would need to be done in a hacky way right now, would be cool for team DM. A flag or property for that purpose would be very convenient.
 Thanks to Enjay again for his support back then.


 Download link:


 My old project was a dos patch to convert the Heretic levels to Doom and it worked up to win7 32 bit and virtual machines, i claimed there was a lot of work since to some extent it was made by brute force: an algorithm created the initial levels but then a lot of patches were applied manually (actually i think over 1000 new ones in the last update) so development
took years, yes i know that was stupid. I released another version in 2016 just in case someone's interested.


 My old project download link:

Edited by drfrag

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 I've updated the mod to fix the D'Sparil BOSSDEATH special bug and to add a couple of mutators to play with Doom or Heretic monsters only.
 I'd swear it worked fine. Apparently this was an engine bug and only happens with certain versions since the Sorcerer3 actor (required by random spawner) was an empty actor and won't inherit the BOSSDEATH flag (last flag) from Sorcerer2.

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I updated the mod yesterday to fix some ammo balance issues with the Hellstaff and the Doom Rod. Also i've decreased the damage for the Doom Rod's alt fire, it was extremely overpowered. It's not a helloween special edition just a minor update. I've been playing HUMP these days with Heresy II but i still have some pending classic Heretic wads to play.

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