I've just released a new project, ZDoom32.




ZDOOM32 2.8.3 (GL 1.9.1b) DEC 31 2017

 ZDoom32 is a fork of truecolor ZDoom by dpJudas and Rachael and ZDoom 2.9pre (https://github.com/rheit/zdoom).
 It's a merge of dpJudas old truecolor branch (SEP 08 2016) and ZDoom master as of DEC 03 2016.
 Later merged with the GZDoom g1.x branch (APR 24 2016).


Changes/features since 2.8.2b:
- Fixed crashes on some old CPUs in software due to a broken asm routine.
- Fixed Doom turbo stairs not working anymore.
- Changed savegame list order, now they are sorted by slot number instead of alphabetically.
- Added free space margin aka safe frame for automap.
- Several bugfixes from GZDoom.


 Changes/features since 2.8.2a:
- Fixed savegame bug on maps with dynamic lights.
- Don't hide the console when killing specific monster classes.
- Several minor bugfixes.


 Changes/features since 2.8.2 GL:
 - Added truecolor capped sky drawers.
 - Added new 3x2 and 4x4 low detail modes.
 - Increased size of the savegame comment area.
 - Fall back to software renderer with unsupported OpenGL version.
 - Fixed crash with voxels for the SSE2 executable (BD v21).
 - Fixed crash with textures larger than those supported by the hardware in D3D and OGL (BD v21).
 - Fixed crash with capped sky mode and very wide skies (Castlevania).
 - Added four text colors: ice, fire, sapphire, teal.


 Changes/features since 2.8.2:
 - Included old OpenGL renderer from GZDoom 1.9.1 (off by default). Supports shaders on GL2 hardware.
 - Added xBRZ to the GL renderer.
 - Autoloading of brightmaps.pk3 and lights.pk3.
 - added new Stairs_BuildUpDoomCrush special from Eternity.
 - Switched to FMOD Ex 4.36 for sound.
 - Fixed wrong weapon scale in savegame pic for low detail modes.
 - Some recent GZDoom bug fixes.


 Changes/features since 2.8.1:
 - Old C++ truecolor renderer by dpJudas.
 - Mostly up to date with the last ZDoom SVN and includes some later fixes and features (from QZDoom).
 - Compiled with Pentium II architecture optimizations.
 - Still has the assembly routines and SSE2 is not a requirement.
 - Two executables, the one using SSE2 instructions requires a Pentium 4 or Pentium M CPU.
 - Sprite and wall distance culling to increase performance.
 - Low detail modes have been restored (from ZDoom LE) but are disabled for truecolor.
 - Added video menu options to switch between d3d and ddraw and set ddraw display bits (ZDoom LE).
 - Startup console fixed for Win98 (ZDoom LE) with a slightly different look.
 - More modern default keyboard layout.
 - Command versions of the original Doom cheats.
 - Uses FmodEx 4.28 for sound.(*)
 - Capped skies have been disabled for truecolor since there are no drawers. No support for truecolor textures either.
 - Multithreading is disabled by default.
 - No xinput joystick support.


 Minimum estimated system requirements are: Pentium II 233, 32 mb of ram, 1 mb svga card and Windows 98.
 For OpenGL mode a graphics card with GL 2.0 support is required.


(*) For modern windows i recommend CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth with the following soundfonts: Roland SC-55, Yamaha DX50XG and AWE64 Gold from https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=45600.
 A good alternative is the Yamaha S-YXG50 Portable VSTi software synth at http://veg.by/en/projects/syxg50/.


 NOTE: On Windows 8 and above trying to go fullscreen on some systems when using ddraw you may get a black screen, a batch file (RUNME_SAFE.cmd) is included for convenience.
 Some letterboxed modes don't display properly and they might even crash on ddraw.
 With old graphic drivers on win9x d3d might crash, update your drivers or set 'vid_forceddraw' to true.
 3D floors are not properly rendered in truecolor (missing textures).


 The source code can be downloaded from https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/commits/gzdoom32.


 Compiles with CMake 2.8.12, CodeBlocks 16.01 (TDM-GCC 4.9.2) and NASM 2.10.09. You'll need the following libraries:
dx9mgw.zip, fmodapi43623win-installer.exe and fluidsynth.7z (optional).
 Run CMake to generate a CodeBlocks makefile, you can link directly against the dlls but not for DX (dinput).


 Copyright © 1993-1996 id Software, 1998-2016 Randi Heit, 2002-2017 Christoph Oelckers, et al.
 Copyright © 2016-2017 Magnus Norddahl and Rachael Alexanderson.

 Copyright © 2014-2017 Alexey Lysiuk.


 This version maintained by drfrag from zdoom.org. Includes patches by Blzut3 and hail-to-the-ryzen.


 More stuff from drfrag:
 ZDoom LE 2.8.1b, a fork of the ZDoom 2.8.1 maintenance branch for Windows 9x and old machines.
 ZDoom CLASSIC 2.1.4a, a fork of ZDoom 2.1.4 for Windows 9x and pentium machines.
 Romero's Heresy II, an universal ZDoom mod to play Heretic levels with Doom and Heretic modified weapons and monsters.
 Romero's Heresy 0.15, a conversion of all the Heretic levels to Doom II.
 My Brutal Doom v20c unofficial patch.

Edited by drfrag
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I've just released a final (non pre-release) version.

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 Thanks very much! But the merit is mostly yours and dpJudas' (and Graf's of course), i mainly did the merge and applied and ported patches. I did the dirty work. :)

 Hope you won't find anything strange. I replied to the 'Add more source port links' thread @zdoom.org but it was moved.

Edited by drfrag

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What's in my gzdoom repo ( https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom ), copied from README.md:

Some ZDoom based legacy ports with lower system requirements for Windows 9x or later and older hardware.
Some branches are discontinued from now on (SEP 04 2017).

- gzdoom32 branch:
ZDoom32 is a fork of truecolor ZDoom by dpJudas and Rachael and a later ZDoom (https://github.com/rheit/zdoom).
It's a merge of dpJudas old truecolor branch (SEP 08 2016) and ZDoom master as of DEC 03 2016.
Now merged with the GZDoom g1.x branch (APR 24 2016).

- glzdoom32 branch:
A merge of ZDoom32 with a later GZDoom master (roughly 2.2) from NOV 17 2016 with later fixes. Discontinued.

- zdoom32 branch:
Old ZDoom32 2.8.2 branch without the GL renderer. Discontinued.

- gzdoomle branch:
ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition) is a fork of the ZDoom 2.8.1 maintenance branch (https://github.com/rheit/zdoom/tree/maint)
for Windows 98 and old machines. Now merged with GZDoom as of august 2013 (1.8.4a).

- zdoomle branch:
Old ZDoom LE 2.8.1a branch with OpenAL for win95 (released from the ZDOOM-LE repo). Discontinued.

- zdoomcl branch
ZDoom CLASSIC 2.1.4a is a fork of ZDoom 2.1.4 for Windows 9x and pentium machines.
Now merged with GZDoom 1.0.17 with later fixes and additions.

Edited by drfrag

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I've released a new ZDoom32 version with the OpenGL renderer from GZDoom 1.9.1 with later fixes and additions, has shaders for GL 2.0 cards. I've also switched to FMOD Ex 4.36 for sound.
I've also updated ZDoom LE for even older hardware. See first post for download and detailed info.

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 I've released a new version. This release mainly adds the truecolor capped sky drawers and a couple of new low detail modes and fixes some crashes (large textures on old cards and SSE2 executable with voxels). See first post.
I've changed version numbering as well (still it's very conservative). I've updated ZDoom LE and Classic as well.

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Well, this is embarrassing. I've just released a new version since i've found a nasty bug with broken savegames on maps with dynamic lights (i've flagged it as critical). Somehow i missed a bugfix by Graf after porting his GZDoom adjustments for the new savegame code, i usually don't read the entire description for all commits. The problem was already in the previous release after the merge with the old GZDoom but it's not a bad merge. I know i said the last one was a solid release but hey this time is for real i promise. I know this comes after the gcc crash with voxels for the SSE2 version but it was also unfortunate and that doesn't mean this is not a solid product. Some testing would be welcome.

Edited by drfrag
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I released another version on december due to a couple of new critical bugs i found. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade ASAP. If you're interested on what happened i explain it at the project thread @zdoom.org. Also there are plans for a future 2.9.0 release, i'd need help with the broken 3D floors in software truecolor mode BTW.

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