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Can you prevent the player from turning around (vanilla)


I've been thinking about making some... cutscenes, and I need the player to stay still. I can confine him to a 32x32 square to prevent him from moving, but I don't want him to turn either.

Can I do that? If so, how?



edit: ah, that's a shame, thanks scifista.

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You could have an animated wall texture play a "cutscene" I suppose using lots of frames. You could even have a long story with scrolling text with clever use of midtextures feature the story text combined with lowering floors, but ZDoom is still clearly better to use for cutscenes.


@bzzrak If you really want this wad to remain vanilla, I say just do it as you had planned and if the player for whatever bizarre reason wants to turn their back to the cutscene, I guess that's their own loss? It could still be a cool thing to see, I can't think of anyone attempting a cutscene in vanilla before off the top of my head.

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4 minutes ago, Empyre said:

You can with ACS. Use SetPlayerProperty with PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN and the only control they can use is the Use key. To cancel the player's current momentum, use Thing_Stop. You might also want to use SetActorProperty with APROP_Invulnerable as well.

Yeah....only with ACS. In plain vanilla, you can't.

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