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Jaws In Space

Perdition's Gate Resurgence Development thread (10 mapslots open)

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1 hour ago, DukeOfDoom said:

Alright, here is the first version of my map. I still think that I went too far in my own style direction, and if there are some major flaws, I will be more than glad to correct them. The map takes MAP26 slot. No custom music yet.


Okay just got done playing it, there's some good & there's some bad. The start of the map is fine, a nice hot opener against some zombie fodder in a small room. The hubspoke approach to the map is fine I think, it's not something you see in Mackey maps, but I don't think it's out the realm of possibility.


After the opening fight I dropped down to a small room containing a teleporter, the secret in this room is a little to obvious, the secrets of PG are usually more subtle than this, I'd change up the texturing in this room to hide the secret a bit more. Everything beyond the teleporter is just perfect, this is the best area of the map. Bug report the monsters don't teleport into the yellow key room when I pick up the yellow key. That being said I don't think an ambush there is necessary, but if you want one there I'd change up the monsters in that closet to more low tier enemies.


The next area I went to contained the red key, this area is decent enough, though I don't know about the use of STONE2 texture here, I think AVMET would work just fine for the walls. The trigger for lowering the fllor to exit this area should be on line 774 not 832 so that the switch texture changes. Again in this room the monster that teleport in are a little awkward to fight, I think a few more lower tier enemies would be better. Arch-Vile thing 85 is unnecessary & should be removed, there doesn't need to be a monster behind that door.


Lastly was the blue key area, this section of the map just didn't do it for me. Honestly I think you could get away with just removing the entire area & having this be a 2 key map.

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