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I shot a groovy music video

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That IS pretty groovy.


And that chocolate pool frog has one hell of a boner.

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I watched for almost 3:00. Really, you lost me after :30 second. The intro was really good. The pan into the pool was interesting, but after that it felt to monotonous to me. I wouldn't necessarily say the music, "isn't my thing", but I didn't really feel it. There's some pretty saucey parts, but it just didn't pull me in Now the video's finished.

Good job at actually doing it! That's the part that's probably the hardest. I appreciate the effort and encourage you to keep going, but this one wasn't for me.

I hope I'm not coming off as an asshole or anything like that. I really wanted to like it. I figure I'll just be honest.

The life a pool toy is not for me.

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lol thanks for the input either way


My inspiration was the simple slice of life motiv you see on YouTube's various live vaporwave channels. So minimalism with a little seapunk was the aim. 

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