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Water physics

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AFAIK, it's not so much a bug as much as it is that it doesn't have reasonable caps or rolloffs in the intensity of the effect. It's purely animation, too, that water is just a warping polygon sheet, nothing coming close to reasonably believable physics is there.

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fake wter physics would be easy to add...
simply design 2 3d animated water cycles. 1 for low ripples and another for hard ripples.
Export and import them as a thing in doom and apply the touch modifier so when the player touches the hit box it goes from low ripples to high...
if you want to go even further then make it so that the hard rippled water shoots a fake projectiles all around so it touches the others around it. if you get my meaning

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I remember encountering this weird physics bug with the water in a couple Unreal Engine games; pretty sure they were all Unreal Engine 2 come to think of it. It was quite jarring in a game that tried to take itself seriously to have just odd physics

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