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Doom 2 Resources Showing in Doom Builder for Doom 1


I've never had this problem before. In this case, I selected map slot E1M5 of Doom 1, Doom in ZDoom format, used Doom 1 as my resource and testing wad and everything works fine. The strange part is, in the things editor, I can select Doom 2 resources (but it shows a gray question mark in the preview), although they show up as "you fail it" exclamation mark in-game. What's bothering me is that I can't see any enemy or weapon things in the visual editor mode regardless of whether they are Doom 1 resources or not. Still, they show up during testing. Is there any way I can salvage or correct my map? If any additional information is needed, let me know.

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I suppose I should've attempted the old "reboot and retry" method. Although Doom 2 resources are still an option for me, at least now I can see enemy and weapon things in visual. Weird.

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I think the config is built for Doom 2 so its going to show all those things even if you're working for Doom 1. If you want to remove them, I think you'd have to create a new config with them removed. I guess it was never deemed required since its easy enough to just not use them.

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