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General Rainbow Bacon

Huge epic maps

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Trying to compile a list of maps that are huge and epic or take a really long time to complete. They can be oldschool maps made in the 90's to stuff made yesterday.  These are a few I know of:




Jade Earth

Vela Pax

Doom Deja Vu

Zdoom community map project 1 and 2

plansisphere 1 and 2


Deimos abandoned base #79

Okuplok (oku2v31)



Deus Vult

The Last Sanctuary

Can't Run From Evil Pt1


Shaitan's Luck

32inchNails map 05

New Gothic mvnt 1

5till L1 Complex

Eternal Doom 

Stardate 20x7 map 05

Scythe map 30

Scythe 2 map 30

Combat shock 2 map 05

slaughterfest 2012 map 28 and 30

Sunlust map 30

AV.wad map 20

Aeternum map 02

Brotherhood of Ruin : The Lost Temple

UAC Vinur Prime Research Base



Coils of the Twisted Tale

Eternal Slumber Party




anything else?

Edited by General Rainbow Bacon : adding to list

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I don't know if MAP29 of Community Chest, Citadel at the Edge of Eternity, applies to that rule... the fastest UV max for that map is 1 hour and 24 minutes, and it still misses one monster. It's sad that it's the last map made by Magikal, but it's a damn fine map.

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There's also map 2 of Aeternum.


Probably lots of stuff in Eternal Doom, if you're okay with super-obtuse progression.


Maybe a few Alien Vendetta maps, such as 11, 18, 20, 26, 27.

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No rest for the living/nerve.wad from the XBLA and Doom3 BFG Edition has some maps like this. Ancient aliens has some large maps, but the difficulty level tarnishes the sense of exploration for me.

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The last handful of maps from Epic 2 were very complex and took a little while. MAP20 of Alien Vendetta is also an auto-include. Valley of Echoes from AV is also good. MAP30 of Scythe..

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Okuplok Map (oku2v31.wad) Its one of the biggest i've seen so far, it takes around 10 Hours to complete 

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Not as huge as Holy Hell or Okuplok's untitled map but some more that come to my mind and I'd count as well:
Scythe 2 Map30

Combat Shock 2 Map05
Slaughterfest 2012 Map28 & Map30

Sunlust Map30
Stardate 20X7 Map09

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2002: A Doom Odyssey's  Map E4M6  "Dementia" I made and is considered large (best speed run time I know of is 12 minutes? or so)

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I just made a huge one, it takes about 2-3 hrs to complete. oh! its on the list. Cool! (Deimos abandoned base #79)

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Mars War v3.0 MAP15 is quite massive for a vanilla map.

RRWARD01 -and 2 wads are oldies of '94.

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The Great Urban Battle is a huge city map I created a few years ago, all 6 keys are needed to escape from this city before a final battle that ends in a fortress. For Boom compatible. 1124 monters on Skill 4/5 with 18 secrets. It took me 4 months to create this map working several hours a day on it, 2 months for the layout, another 2 months for the item placement and play testing.



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