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YOUR DEAD! the terrible tomb...

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hey guys i make another map, not vanilla but for LIMIT REMOVE so dont on chocolate doom, it has many enemies an arch vile oh man this iguana be bad


(no cyberdemon though sorry guys)










                          a long time you stayed at the base, "man, this place BORING!" you said in frustration. Nothing to do, you decide to take a walk in the country. suddently, you are radio by UAC high command: marine, we have descovar that the demon have constructed a base, and it is close in your visincity! we believe they are conducting many research there and we need to put a stop to this, your mission to clear out the base then infilterate the communacation center and radio for backup.

"well, look like i am not so bored today!" you said happily, and went towards the coordinates of the demon base.

on your way, you encountered a large barrier! it appear the demon have constructed this to prevent any incursion toward there own base!

with sadness, you went back, and asked the local for information, your search were fruitless, BUT THEN!!!!!

you encounter the grave keeper

"AHOY! what bring ye ter me home, ye scurvy landlubber!"

"good evening, i am of the UAC, i am looking for information of this strange barrior that is blocking the way"

"it be them demons, they be workin all day an noight constracten that barrier, and nobody know how to penatrate it, i see two soldier who run away from the demon into the grave, but i never seen them again, i think they are killed by the demons!"

"oh no!" you said! it is almost too much

"the demon have overtaken the crypt and nobody will go in there, if you can enter there, maybe you will find a way to enter the barrier and go where you wanted to be, go to my tool shed, where i have a chainsaw you can use to kill the, but unfortunately i think the demon are there too, so be careful"

"i will" you say, and leaf the undertaker house... IT TIME TO KICK SOME ASS



it is for limit removing but remember do not play complevel 2 because some stuff will not work play it complevel default ok also there is a demo walkthrough for prboom


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On jeudi 6 juillet 2017 at 4:10 PM, xdarkmasterx said:


I kinda like this screenshot. Original textures.

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I- I'm dead?...





Joke aside, this was surprisingly hard even for HNTR, which is what I beat the map on. So many revenants! Overall, I enjoyed the challenge and liked the funky textures there.

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thank you for replies guys it is hard i know but if you found the secret with that soul spere it is much easer the part with the mancubus and revenants

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