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Combining Mods and Wads


Hi there,


I am struggling creating a pk3 file (essentially a zip file) with multiple mods included within.


This is what I want to combine;


My custom map - wad file

My custom music - wad file

A random decorations modification - a pk3 file

Complex Doom mod - a pk3 file.

I want to combine all these into 1 file that will load in GZ Doom. So far I have been able to combine my map wad and music wad into a zip file which I can drag into GZ Doom and it loads it automatically, but it won't load complex doom or the random decorations mod unless I drag them in separately.

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Also, is there a way to unpack mods like Complex Doom in doom builder so you can use Complex's custom monsters for new maps?

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If you want to Combine all of those things then use Slade


If you want to play them Together then use ZDL

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