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Jumping down in a hole.


I can't figurate how the make a teleport thingy that's make the illusion of failing down in a pit. I mean the player bumps into the bottom of the sector than teleports on the top of the other sector. Also how to make the action happens only if the player hits the bottom (the hole closed with a 3d floor but it's still teleport the player when it crosses the line.)


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Use Transfer Heights in combination with Eyes Go Below Fake Ceiling

Check out this example pwad





or you could use 215:Teleport_Line (thisid, destid, flip) for a lesser visual effect.



Edited by Kappes Buur : added screenshot

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Thank both of you. I would use that fakesector method but i am to lazy to adjust other floors to it.
I decided to use a script that fade the screen when you hit the floor (like the player passed out) then the player wake up in the room under it.

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