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Misc heretic & hexen demos

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Hexen: Cleric Hub-1 skill-4 movies:
speed in 15:09
max in 45:37
vanilla format

Cleric much faster than Mage, also, I was able to catch all extra monsters in max, i.e. this is 'absolute' max, heh.



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Hexen: Fighter Hub-1 skill-4 movies:
speed in 12:36
max in 39:58
vanilla format

After recording Fighter and Cleric demos - I saw that Mage runs looks very weak, decided to try again, it turned out much faster:
speed in 17:47
max in 49:23

kraflab, take these last Mages demos in base instead of the previous ones, if you agree that in Hexen max'es possible not kill all respawn/extra monsters.





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@PVS I'd still upload everything unless you are against it. It's always nice to see the progression :^)

We're slowly catching up with all the demos, a bit over a month behind at the moment.

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