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Are there any 64 bit map editors that support UDMF?


I've been trying to make a large map that contains what would normally be considered an absurd amount of sectors/lines (724k sectors/~1m lines), but with relatively few actually visible at any given time.  Problem I'm having is that GZDoom Builder (and the other Doom Builder variants) are all 32 bit programs, and run out of of memory before being able to reach this, only being able to address 2 gigs of RAM.  Maps I've saved and tested right at GZDoom Builder's memory limit run fine in gzDoom (and don't require near as much memory usage to run as they do to edit).

So question is, does anyone know of a map editor that supports UDMF format maps that is also a 64 bit program?

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I have come to the conclusion that there are not any 64 bit map editors, unless some of the linux ones (not familiar enough with linux to know how it handles RAM) can address larger amounts of RAM (though none of these appear to be actively developed). I'm only posting this in case some other lost soul googles a similar question.

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