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How to create my own player skin ?




i would really like to go wild and create my own player skins for usage in ZDaemon. Here is the problem, i dont have a damn clue what software
i need to create the WAD file. I know that i need the gfx for the skin but i dont know in which way i must prepare them for further usage.

Any help is welcome or a hint to a tutorial, in case there is one in existance.


Thank you for your time.

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I never used ZDaemon, but I think you might be able to use Slade 3 to easily do this.  In Slade 3, you need to have about 51 sprites and rename them to correspond with the original sprites.  This process will result in the original Doomguy sprites being replaced by your custom ones when you load the wad up in (some) sourceports (not sure if this works for all sourceports).To simplify this, I would open a copy of the original Doom 2 IWAD and scroll down until I could find a sprite named "PLAYA1".


Once you properly rename all of your sprites, click on the paper icon with the letter E on it (The one without any green arrows on it) to create a new entry.  A window that reads "Enter new entry name:" will pop up, and you must type in either "S_START" or S_END" (either way, you need to repeat the process again anyways because you have to have both of these things created).  Make sure you move "S_START" is above all of your sprites and "S_End" is below all of your sprites.  You can alter their positions by using the blue arrow buttons near the top of the screen (alternatively, you can use Ctrl+U to move things up and Ctrl+D to move things down).


And after that, close the copy of the Doom 2 IWAD if you've been using that as a reference and click "File" near the top of the screen and select "Save as".  The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+S.  Name your wad file and save it wherever you want to save it.  After that point, you're pretty much done (unless I forgot to mention any important steps, but I think I covered it fairly well).


[Bonus tip #1: The sprites begin with "PLAYA1" and end with "PLAYW0"]

[Bonus tip #2: You can convert your sprites to ones that use Doom's color palette by right clicking all of your sprites and selecting Graphics > Convert to...]

[Bonus tip #3: You can quickly rename your sprites by right clicking all of your sprites and selecting "Rename Each".  Of course, I'd also keep a copy of the original Doom 2 IWAD open within Slade for referencing the names of Doomguy's sprites]

[Bonus tip #4: You can also quickly modify the offsets of your sprites all at once by selecting all of your sprites and clicking the "Modify Gfx offsets"]


I'll provide screenshots of what the process would look sometime in the future when I have the time.


Although, I might need to test this method out with ZDaemon to confirm that it works for your case though...



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