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inexplicable thing_projectile slowdown when updating zdoom wad

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one more edit, for the first time in quite some time, this runs in the latest versions of this and that, but the zip up there does not currently reflect that.  I have a bunch of high resolution textures to draw and some blue hand controlling to sort out, and THEN I will start asking for help in a less longwinded and futile fashion, and potentially remove this from my life within the year!



getting to the point: i have an ancient incomplete doom-based concoction that I have been trying to unload for nine yes nine years after I realized it couldn't be finished, as things were then.  I got held up for a long time since zdoom updates kept breaking certain things, and I spent more time on those than moving forward.  More recently I made a dedicated effort to get stuff working in newer ports so I could finally cut my losses, even if only from my mind, but that will be easier with features only added after 220, and I don't want to try and incorporate them in if there is no way to actually run this reasonably IN later versions, you see.


I found the problem:

    //Thing_Projectile(random(const:55, 60), 147, random(0, 224), 10, -(128));
    //delay(random(const:1, 6));

This script, which appears in the two levels which just by chance also have the most egregious line_horizon use, so I blamed that initially.  In the absence of any feedback whatsoever from the game (or, you know, here), I had to try removing every other possible thing first.

The script is supposed to drop a little rain droplet in about 500 different places in the level.  The object is defined in my very old dehacked patch which zandronum doesn't like half as much as old zdooms does.  However, that is not necessarily the problem since zandronum is more than capable of dropping 500 bloody pools at once without ye-olde medusa effect style lag, and in fact nothing appears at ALL with the old script, so i still don't know what went wrong.


//   SpawnProjectile(random(const:1, 6), "dwip", random(0, 255), 10, -(128), 0, 0);
//  delay(random(const:1, 6));
//    restart;

This script does the same thing, and would not have worked in old zdoom, so there I just went from being stuck in the past to being barred from it, and I am not certain this feels a whole lot better, but it is necessary.


There is a LOT of other stuff that is screwed up.  I am not asking about that, right now. for example, all the sound effects on the doors broke and I cannot access weapon 1 without the gun code no matter what I put in a script.  I am not asking for help on that for the moment.  Which does not mean you have seen the end of me, mind you, but that was the biggest barrier I could not get around, after my general lack of aptitude for acs script writing.





Edited by Lenswot : I also should indicate that the zip is hopelessly out of date by now

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